Audit Preparedness/Audit Assistance

MK Consulting will take ownership of an upcoming audit whether it is the first time or an ongoing annual audit. MK Consulting will work directly with the external auditors in providing answers to questions, providing prepared by client schedules, coordination of the audit and any other tasks as they arise.

Benefits to utilizing MK Consulting for your audit preparedness and audit assistance include:

  • Preparation of reconciliation templates for all accounts in an easily auditable format that can be used for future audits.
  • Provides a “buffer” between the client and the external auditors to coordinate requests and questions to allow the client to focus on daily activities.
  • Review of auditor requests to ensure the requests will provide the auditors with achieving objectives, which minimizes the amount of back-and-forth time consuming communication.
  • Big 4 auditing experience allows for an efficient and low stress audit.


External Reporting

Working with both public and non-public companies, MK Consulting has the experience to assist with a client’s external financial reporting.

MK Consulting will help prepare and file the following SEC reporting documents/forms:

  • Form 10-K and Form 10-Q
  • Form S-1
  • Form 8-K
  • Proxy Statements

Not public? No problem, MK Consulting can also assist with non-public financial statements and footnotes.


Forensic Accounting

MK Consulting assists clients with business and fraud related cases. MK Consulting will work with clients and/or attorneys in order to gather all facts necessary to begin an analysis. When research is completed, MK Consulting will develop opinions and deliver testimony in the court of law.

Forensic accounting services include:

  • Analytical procedures and other analysis over case facts
  • Development of opinions from reviewed evidence
  • Delivery of expert testimony whether in deposition or in the court of law


SOX Compliance & Internal Audit

Whether it be implementing a SOX program, testing controls, revising and managing the current SOX process, or performing an internal audit, MK Consulting has the experience needed to provide assistance in order to accomplish the client’s goals.

SOX related activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Documentation and revision of process narratives
  • Identifying and updating key controls based on process risks
  • Testing or reviewing key controls
  • Reporting results directly to management and external auditors


Operational Accounting

MK Consulting can back fill temporary positions by getting up to speed quickly and providing client assistance immediately. Majority of services previously provided to clients consisted of manager and director revenue accounting roles.  


Other Services

MK Consulting will provide any other accounting and finance related assistance as requested by the client. With several years of experience working with a number of clients in multiple industries, MK Consulting will assist with any project and ad-hoc task as requested.